Head of Marketing

What we do

RedRoute isn't just an analytics house, it passionately believes that real answers are grounded, not only in media responsiveness and behavioural data, but in blending this information with customer attitudes and motivation. There is amazing power in combining what the customer has done and why they did it. We have both the experience and expertise in driving these combined insights toward very profitable results. On every assignment there are three steps:

  1. analysis
  2. answers
  3. action

Analysis: immersion in your business

We partner with you, understanding your challenges and then look for the answers through in depth analysis of your media, customer and market research

Answers: the most incisive minds

RedRoute is crammed full of econometricians, statisticians and market researchers who work closely with our sharp-end marketing practitioners. No analysis-paralysis from us, we interrogate your business data until the answers are clear.

Action: The Five Key Drivers of Demand

These summarise how to address each of the customers' mix of attitude, circumstances and media responsiveness. By doing so, you can predict and influence customer demand