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The RedRoute model

Why each customer chooses Brand X to meet Need Y in Circumstance Z


If you have the customers name & address you can model their circumstances from age, where they live to life-stage and life events – it's their circumstances that determine which brands that they can afford and when they are likely to purchase them. We can supplement your customer database with this information.


Market research and online surveys tell us the whys of a customer, what they value in life, their hopes and aspirations and approach to risk and value. These fundamental attitudes are very stable.


Who bought what, when , how much, and how often and through which channel – retail, online ,on the phone, direct mail and e-mail. Hard facts which enable you to group customers of like behaviour who can receive similar messages from your brand.

The RedRoute Model

The five key motivators

Loyalty Nirvana

Predicting and influencing future customer behaviour

Changing behaviours

  • Through the right messages
  • Right product & service bundle
  • Using the right communication channels

Resulting in

  • Maximal customer responses by communication channel
  • Minimising media mix cost
  • Optimal ROI